The name Pack Man draws inspiration from one of the most iconic electronic games, PAC-Man, which initially debuted as Pac Man. Originating in the mid-1980s in the US, PAC-Man revolutionized the gaming industry, earning its status as one of the most beloved games in the country. The widespread popularity of the Pac Man game has influenced the emergence of Packman carts as a trending vaping cart in the US.
Packman carts represent a newcomer in the disposable vape market, rapidly gaining traction within the vaping industry. Despite being relatively new, they are already competing with established brands like Fryd Extracts and Jeeters. Offering a diverse range of over 16 flavors, Packman carts stand out as one of the first brands to provide such variety in the vaping scene. Moreover, our disposable pens boast unparalleled quality, both in terms of the vape oil utilized and the potency of the strains incorporated.